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By | September 27, 2018

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 Do you think you are intelligent? And searching for a game that will help you think more? Or are you searching for a game that is an exercise for your brain? Also at the same time you don’t have proper props or a co-player to play with? Then you are at a right place dear! Online domino games are perfect which will provide you entertainment and help you grow mentally. Also being an online game, it will help you play whenever you want and also have option play with the computer, or one-on-one game with online multiplayer.

You may have childhood memory with domino games or tiles kept in a cupboard somewhere reminding you of a holiday in childhood. But if you think, domino is a game for child, you are wrong. Like card games or dice, you can equally have pleasure playing dominoes. The most surprising thing is variety of domino games is limited within your thought. If you can think of a new variety of a new game, you can easily play. Already there are lots of varieties in domino, some of which are hard where some are easy to start with.


Origin of the game

There is a debate on the origin of the domino games. Some says it was invented in 12th century in China where some other says it was invented in Egypt and Asia in a very long historical age.

Forty-two is a domino that is much like card. If you are a beginner you can start with Block Dominoes or Draw Dominoes. Chicken foot and matador are exciting game to play. There are also point games like Five-Up and Muggins which are very famous. Another very famous game in North America is Mexican Train which stood different from all other games with all its accessories. Though all belongs to domino games, they differ from each by their rules and methods of playing.

Now the question arises, why domino is said to be a mind game? This game helps you improve different skills. Firstly, you have to count the no. of dots continuously in the tiles and help you grow your arithmetic skills. Another one is thought process. Not only counting the dots in the tiles but also thinking of the no. of rounds and possible throw of the opponent must be thought before placing tiles is a need. So gradually, thinking capability of a person increases. Strategic Planning is also important to learn, because suddenly one player win the game by luck will not make him a good player, but playing each game one has to develop strategy by which one can win.

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